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NetRiders Study Trip Prize

In 2011, more than 10,000 individuals from 85 countries participated in the NetRiders competitions. Out of those competitors, 17 winners won the Study Trip Prize to visit Cisco in San Jose, CA in the U.S.

The NetRiders Study Trip Prize rewards and recognizes outstanding Networking Academy CCNA students and encourages them to further their career development in Information Technology. During their visit, they get to visit the Silicon Valley, cultivate new friendships with peers throughout the world, and learn more about Cisco culture.

NetRiders Study Trip Prize includes:

  • Cisco campus tours
  • Meetings with Cisco engineers and executives
  • Excursion to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, Fisherman's Wharf and other sites
  • Much more

What past winners are saying about the Study Trip Prize

"Starting by the personal aspect, this has been the most amazing experience of my life as of today. Traveling as a NetRiders competition winner and visiting the part of USA that holds the very best technology companies was just an experience that is going to be hard to match. Career wise, it has been a great boost. I've gotten many job offers and the achievement was displayed in media (newspaper, TV and radio) in my country. After winning this competition, I finally got to work directly in the networking field."
Daniel Vasquez, Dominican Republic

"It's great to know others from all over the world, students and Cisco staff. This NetRiders trip motivated me personally and also in my future career. I have a greater goal in my career and to keep on challenging myself everyday in the future. The experience I gained from this trip is something hard to describe in words, unless you've joined and experienced it in person."
Lim Yu Jie, Malaysia

"Prior to the trip, I was lacking both motivation and energy to pursue my ambitions. This NetRiders study trip turned everything 180 degrees as it provided me a boost of energy to keep me up and running, enthusiastic about the future and more confident about the prospects of my career. This happened mostly thanks to the wonderful people of Cisco, Stanford and the other NetRiders winners. My future career can only benefit from my renewed energies and dreams."
Lucia Rosculete, Romania

"It's really hard to put into words what effect this trip has had on me. Just in this past week, I've done more to give back to my academy and hunting for internships/employment opportunities then I do in the average month. This experience has motivated me to continue to try to excel in the endeavors I undertake."
Casey Schoonover, United States