Cisco Networking Academy Contest Site

How to Register

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the two browsers we recommend using when accessing the NetRiders site.

Below are general instructions on how to register for a competition on the NetRiders site and what to do if you are having issues. Competition registration is a two-step process:

  1. Register a Profile on the NetRiders site
  2. Enroll in a specific competition

Register a Profile

To create a profile, please follow these steps:

  • Select Login on the upper right of the home page
  • Type in your Cisco NetAcad username and password (if you are new to the site, a page will display with pre-populated information from your NetAcad profile)
  • Review the information and select Create My New Account (this will make you a registered user on the NetRiders site)

Registering a profile on the NetRiders site can take place at any time.

The Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions are only open to:

  • Current Cisco Networking Academy students
  • Cisco Networking Academy Alumni (within the last 10 months)
  • Cisco Networking Academy Instructors
  • Cisco Networking Academy Staff

How to Enroll in a Competition

Follow these instructions to enroll in a specific competition during the registration period:


You must have an enrolment key to enroll in a competition. Please read the FAQ for the competition you are interested in for details on the enrolment key.

If you're an instructor and need an enrolment key to share with your students, please read the FAQ or send an email with your name, Cisco NetAcad ID number, country, and Academy name to the email associated with your region (see below).

Please keep in mind that registering for a specific competition may only take place only during the registration dates for that specific NetRiders competition. Please see the schedules on the regional pages for specific registration dates.


Once you obtain your enrolment key, go to and login using your Cisco NetAcad username and password. The login button is on the upper right of the Home page.


Under the Open Competitions, first select the link for your region:

  • Africa 2017
  • Asia Pacific and Japan 2017
  • Europe, Russian Federation, CIS 2017
  • Greater China and Mongolia 2017
  • Latin America 2017
  • Middle East 2017
  • USA and Canada 2017


Select the competition for the level (CCNA, CCENT, or IT Essentials) you are competing in.


Agree to the Terms and Conditions (official rules of the competition).


Enter your enrolment key.

You're now enrolled in the competition. Please make sure you can now view the competition page.

If you are a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor who is proctoring, please register for the competition as well.

Unable to Register

Please note that if you are not a current student or recent alumni, the site will not allow you to register because you do not meet the eligibility requirements. If you do meet eligibility requirements and still cannot register, attempt the following steps:

  1. Clear your cookies and cache and try again (especially if you are using Internet Explorer 8)
  2. Try using another browser such as Mozilla Firefox
  3. Please note that Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the best browsers for this site
  4. The site does not work well using Chrome or Opera
  5. Check with your Academy to see if there is a proxy setting or firewall that is blocking your access

If these solutions do not work, please send an email to your region (see emails below) detailing the issue. Include a screenshot of the problem and add any details of the steps you have taken. Please be sure to include your full name, Cisco NetAcad username and email address associated with your account, country, academy, and the competition you are registering for in the email.

How to Access and Use the Practice Sites

Practice Sites are a great way to get a feel for the competition (learn typical questions, how they are presented, etc.). Available for each region, these Practice Sites include five different exam types:

  • CCNA Theoretical Exam
  • CCNA Packet Tracer Activity Exam
  • CCENT Theoretical Exam
  • CCENT Packet Tracer Activity Exam
  • IT Essentials Practice Exam

NOTE: You must be a registered user on the NetRiders site to be able to access the Practice Sites.

The Practice Sites are designed to enable instructors and students to prepare for the NetRiders competitions by testing:

  • Login
  • Equipment
  • Firewall and proxy settings
  • Bandwidth issues
  • Image or graphic loading
  • Downloading and configuring Packet Tracer files

The practice exams are a great way to get used to the types of questions that may be asked (multiple choice, matching, fill-in the blank, and short answer). Answers to individual questions and total scores or results will not be provided.

To register for a Practice Site, you can:

  1. Access it from your region's competition page (must be registered in a competition).
  2. From NetRiders Home Page, select your region from the Open Competitions and then select the Practice Site for your region. Please note that you must be logged in to access the Practice Sites.

NOTE: Some regions do offer Practice Sites in different languages.