Cisco Networking Academy Contest Site

NetRiders Competition Overview

NetRiders competitions provide students with hands-on practice and experience in a competitive environment, a chance to test their skills and recognize their weaknesses, showcase their knowledge, and create interactive networking skills as well as new friendships across the world. And for Instructors, this is a great opportunity to lead students and showcase teaching skills as well.

Competitions are offered for students currently or recently enrolled in a Cisco Networking Academy course. Each region offers three levels of competitions: CCNA, CCENT, and IT Essentials. Eligibility requirements differ per competition level. Competition schedules differ for each region.

Cisco Networking Academy, along with local Cisco teams, governmental agencies, educational and industrial partners, work together to bring this exciting and unique opportunity to students throughout the world.

Competition Benefits


For Students:

  • Develop and grow networking and IT skills
  • Test and showcase skills in a fun and rewarding environment
  • Compete to be the most skilled student in a region
  • Interact and compete with fellow students at a national level
  • Increase knowledge and enhance future professional development (i.e. available for more employment opportunities)
  • Get visibility from other schools to become an instructor
  • Win prizes


For Instructors:

  • Support classroom teaching and motivate students to succeed
  • Reward and recognize top students
  • Receive positive public relations from student's success
  • Improve and display teaching and coaching skills
  • Gain the opportunity to be best teacher in region
  • Improve visibility within the Academy