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Stories from Champions

From all over the world students enter the Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions not only to learn valuable IT skills, but also to be a champion within their region. Champions get outstanding recognition for their skills, career opportunities, exposure to mentors, and much more. Below we share the stories of some of our past champions, and how the Cisco Networking Academy has contributed to their success.

Chamal Sapumohotti, Sri Lanka

"Being involved in NetRiders is a great chance to really test your skills. There is no way to know just how good you can be, until you put yourself to the test," he added. Chamal is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Engineering (M.Eng.Sc.) The knowledge that Chamal has gained, regarding networks, allows him to have an in-depth view of the complete system.

Eddy Manuel Velasquez Bonilla, Guatemala

On November 7, 2012, students throughout Latin America and the Caribbean began the final phase of the Cisco NetRiders competition. About 20 minutes into the first virtual exam, a 7.4 earthquake struck off the Pacific coastline of Guatemala, shaking the Cisco Networking Academy lab at Universidad Galileo where 26-year-old Eddy Manuel Velasquez Bonilla was competing.

Jose Daniel Vasquez, Dominican Republic

Two years after taking his first IT Essentials class, Jose flourished as the winner of the International Competition in 2011. Today, Jose works at the helpdesk center at a government agency in the Dominican Republic and is studying to obtain a CCNA Security Certification. Jose admittedly dreams big: "Maybe someday I'll even have my own company," he says.

Lucia Rosculete, Romania

In the 2011 EMEA Competition, Lucia earned not only "Top Female Score" but the "Top Individual Score" as well, placing first among 149 competitors from Europe, Middle East and Africa. Lucia believes that the NetRiders competitions inspire students to work hard and put in long hours to achieve their goal of becoming an IT and Networking professional.

Nicolas Maragliano, Argentina

Nicolas Maragliano reflects on the route that earned him a position as a CCNA Instructor, netting a CCAI certification and winning a NetRiders competition on September 8, 2009. "Every success in life requires effort. Everyone has the same potential. The difference is in the attitude that you face challenges," he said.